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A realistic and down-to-earth expert consultation team like ours can assist you in navigating the VET sector.
RTOs can rely on us to handle and negotiate the numerous compliance obligations.

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It’s no secret: When it comes to reaching your targets and maximizing your ROI, no consultancy agency comes close to Avrior and no agency does it with greater precision than Avrior.

  • Introduces differentiating strategies that are proven.
  • Conducts a discovery among inner and outer prospects.

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At Avrior, we know it might be hard to run an RTO in the best possible time. It is essential to find the proper products and services to support what you do.The VET directory of Avrior can aid that. Contact us to find out the necessary materials, resources and guidance you need.

Did you Know?

As per ASQA’s Standards for RTOs 2015, your RTO’s
validation plan must ensure:

  • Introduces differentiating strategies that are proven.
  • Conducts a discovery among inner and outer prospects.


of RTOs audited by ASQA
were non-compliant against Standard-1.


of RTOs audited by ASQA were found non-compliant against assessment practices.


of RTOs were found non-compliant against having qualified trainers and assessors.


complaints has been received
by ASQA about RTOs' assessment practices.

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Avrior's in-house, fully integrated business strategy, planning and implements, tracks and optimizes campaigns across all traditional, digital and emerging channels.

How It Works



We conduct two main types of market research to collect actionable information including primary and secondary research.



Our target market analysis includes a variety of processes, studies and reports depending on your end goals and preferences.



We implement cohesive market strategy, cohesive market strategy and dynamic measurement process to achieve success.

Some Reasons You choose AVRIOR

Avrior specialises in helping companies from education industry backgrounds to pursue new business opportunities by solving problems through creative communications, Courage, Commitment and Comradery.
  • Brand adaptive innovation
  • Clever online marketing
  • We achieve results
  • A team of experts
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Does your RTO need a
health check?

In order to guarantee compliance with the standards of the National Skills Framework, Avrior offers an internal audit service for registered educational organisations, which covers three important RTO compliance requirement:

Buying or Selling an RTO?

We see a lot more buying and selling of RTOs all the time, and there are a few essential points that anyone considering purchasing or selling should be aware of. You may risk losing your money if you are unaware how RTO registration functions. We can help like:

  • Identifying your legal and accounting obligations.
  • How the purchase of the rto will affect your existing operations.
  • How your rto will fit in with what you need.
  • Conducting an audit and systems check of the RTO.
  • Completion of ASQA and transfer of ownership forms.

Why you need us for your Due Diligence?

There are a lot of nuances and intricacies that go into buying a Registered Training Organization. Ensuring that you don’t get blindsided or caught off-guard by unforeseen or devious schemes is essential beyond anything else. So, before you decide to buy an RTO, it is crucial to conduct due diligence.

With years of experience and expertise under our belt regarding compliance and nuances of purchasing and selling RTOs, we inform the buyer about all facets surrounding RTOs. It is crucial to seek professional insight before you buy an RTO, with a specific focus on the following set of points:

  • Assessing RTO acquisition on existing proceedings and operations.
  • A thorough assessment by conducting a systems check and audit.
  • Whether your RTO will support and uphold your goals.
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