About Us

We aim to provide professional, affordable and friendly services to our clients.

Avrior is an RTO consulting firm based in Australia that specialises in compliance audits, rectifications, new RTO registration, assessment validation, course creation, and RTO recruiting.

We are Australians with RTO management expertise and understand the particular demands of registered education organisations. We support both new RTO startups and established training organisations which do not have the time or experience to navigate and fulfil today's vocational and training sector regulatory and industrial standards.
Our objective is to utilise our significant expertise in RTO operations in Australia to provide you with the RTO consulting services which you need at an affordable price to ensure your registered organization's success. We are the ideal solution if you are an australian training company that seeks to reduce RTO compliance costs, time and service without worry.









Why Are We Different?

Avrior is one of the most experienced Australian RTO consultants to provide professional assistance and knowledge to registered training organisations (RTOs) around Australia.
We concentrate on building RTO's based on three principles: profitability, scalability and sustainable development, and not only compliance. These three principles are important for the successful operation of the RTO.

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